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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

How far in advance do I need to book?

You must reserve your transfers at least 24 hours in advance.

When are your phone lines open ?

Our telephone reservation service is open every day of the year, Monday-Friday : Open 24 hours ; Saturday - Sunday : 6am – midnight. The arrivals & departure pick up service is available 24 hour a day, on a year round basis.

When is your EARLIEST pick-up at the airports ? And Your LATEST?

The pick up from the airports would be 24/24.

Where do I find the shuttle when I arrive? Will you meet us at the plane?

If you book a Shared shuttle, After collecting luggage, you need to call us on + 33 1 85 08 06 03 from your own cell/mobile phone or on 01 85 08 06 03 from a payphone at the airport. One of our friendly, English-speaking operators will tell you where to meet your shuttle.

Are your shuttles non-smoking? Air-conditioned? How many do they seat?

Our non-smoking, air-conditioned vans comfortably seat eight people with luggage.

You've confirmed my departure time exactly, but not my arrival. How come?

As we are not a private limo service, we cannot confirm arrivals, so instead we have the client call us and we come to you unless you have booked a private VIP transfer and we will be waiting with a signboard outside customs.

How can I be sure you'll be there to pick me up on the scheduled day?

You can always contact us the day before you arrive to reconfirm your reservation.

Why do I have to reserve ? Can’t I just hail you down in the street like a taxi ?

French transport law states that all of the clients in each of our vehicles must have a pre-booked reservation.

How do I call you from the airport?

You can call us from your own cell/mobile phone on + 33 1 85 08 06 03 or from a payphone at the airport on 01 85 08 06 03

I need a phone card or Euro coins to call your phone number?

This phone number requires local currency coins or credit, bank, phone cards

How long will it take to get to my hotel?

Your estimated times of transport from CDG/Roissy airport (based on post/zip code):
60 Minutes: 75010, 75011, 75017, 75018, 75019, 75020
75 Minutes: 75001, 75002, 75003, 75004, 75005, 75006, 75007, 75008, 75009, 75012
90 Minutes: 75013, 75014, 75015, 75017

Your estimated times of transport from Orly airport (based on post/zip code):
75 Minutes: 75010, 75011, 75017, 75018, 75019, 75020
75 Minutes: 75001, 75002, 75003, 75004, 75005, 75006, 75007, 75008, 75009, 75012
60 Minutes: 75013, 75014, 75015, 75017

How far in advance can I change /cancel my reservation ?

We require at least 24 hours notice of all changes and/or cancellations.

What if my arriving flight is delayed and I miss my shuttle?

If your flight is delayed by more than 1 hour after the scheduled arrival time we will do our best to provide transfer but cannot guarantee this will be possible.

My departure pick-up time seems awfully EARLY/LATE. Can I reschedule it ?

We will gladly schedule to the time you wish, but once you do so Parishuttle cannot be held responsible for any missed flights / connections / meetings etc due to client-requested changes.

At which terminal will the Driver drop me off at when I depart?

The Driver will drop you at the terminal of easyJet .

Will the shuttle take me directly to my terminal? To my hotel ?

The shuttle will drop off all clients in a logical manner .Our aim is to get you to your destination as quickly, comfortably and safely as possible.

Do you transport to car rental companies? Train stations? Other airports? From hotel to hotel?

We transport anywhere from inside the 75001 to 75020 zip codes of Paris.

Do you provide car seats for children under 3 and what is the fee?

All children occupying a seat will be requested to pay the full fare.Baby seats are not provided by the carrier.

How much should I tip the Driver?

You do NOT have to tip the driver.

Why do I have to make a reservation ? Can't I just call you from the airport when I arrive?

Pre-paid passengers are our priority and shuttles fill up fast ! It's best to book in advance and benefit from the special rate that is offered uniquely to easyJet customers.

Do you pick-up at ROISSY?

Roissy and CDG are the same. The full name of the airport is Roissy-Charles de Gaulle.

What color is the Parishuttle Van?

Our vans are dark grey and have the logo on the side , front & back of the vehicle.

Reserving On-Line

I got confused with the times on your website and booked a night time flight that reads like 7am. Why are the times wrong?

As our service operates in Europe, we go by the 24-Hour clock (commonly referred to as MILITARY TIME in North America). Please remember this when booking your shuttle.

What if I don't know the zip/post code for where I'm going in Paris?

You can go to to double-check your Parisian address.

The zip/post code of my hotel provided is outside the 75000 area, yet they swear they are inside Paris! What gives ?

The hotel probably gave you their CEDEX zip code. This number is the equivalent of a " PO Box " in the US/UK and is not a recognized address. To book the shuttle, you will need the hotel's actual street address.

I booked a reservation, but signed off the computer before the transaction was completed. How do I confirm my reservation?

Please contact us to check on your pending reservation.

How do I know that you are not going to give my email address to anyone that asks and then I will be inundated with spam and junk mail?

Any information provided by you through this web page comes directly to us at Parishuttle. Your privacy is important to us and we will not disclose information about you to any other person or organization without your consent unless there is an emergency situation or we are legally required to so. We will not send your data to any other third parties and we will not send data to areas where an adequate data protection policy is not in place.

How can I tell if my reservation is confirmed? I experienced some problems booking over the internet.

With each reservation we send out an e mail confirmation with instructions on where to meet the shuttle. If you did not receive this confirmation then you need to contact us immediately.

I tried to book for transport for my hotel in Saint Denis, but your website rejected it. Why?

Unless you are a group of 8 or more we will not go into the suburbs. We mainly transport anywhere from inside the 75001 to 75020 zip codes of Paris. All other areas will need to contact us.

Your website would not take the zip code of my hotel, so I plugged in a fake one. Now you are rejecting my reservation and giving me a refund! Why? I need to take the shuttle!

Unless you are a group of 8 or more we will not go into the suburbs. We mainly transport anywhere from inside the 75001 to 75020 zip codes of Paris. All other areas will need to contact us.


What are your rates?

Our rates are 19 euros per person, per journey. We are required by law to provide a seat for every person in the vehicle, including younger children. You will need to book for the total number of people in your group.

Your own website lists the price as 32 Euros per person, but I've been charged 19 Euros. Is this a mistake ?

The 19 euros rate is applicable ONLY to clients that use easyJet.

Is there an extra charge if I have more than 2 pieces of luggage?

Puede traer con usted una maleta o un bolso grande y un equipaje de mano gratuitamente. Para todo equipaje extra o inusual, podremos pedirle pagar un suplemento. Por favor contáctenos para más información

I'll be travelling with children. Will there be a discount?

All children occupying a seat will be requested to pay the full fare.Baby seats are not provided by the carrier.

I'll be bringing along my small dog/cat. Will there be an additional fee for this?

Small pets are no extra charge, but if it cannot ride on your lap then it must be caged and will be charged at a rate of 10 euros.

Do you charge extra for HELP with my luggage?

At the airports there is no charge & the driver will help you as much as he can. If you require the driver to take your luggage into / from your apartment then this is charged at a rate of 10 euros.

Payment Terms

I wish to pay Cash. Can I do this ?

Sorry no we cannot accept cash as all easyJet customers have pre-booked and prepaid.

What credit cards do you accept? Do you accept VISA?

We accept VISA and MasterCard.

I gave my credit card information on the web page , but did not get a RECEIPT or a confirmation. What now ?

Don’t panic just contact us directly.

I want to pay by credit card, but I don't want to go through the web page. Can't I just call or email you a credit card number?

We do not accept credit cards via email or in the vans. We only accept them via the web page as this is the safest method.

Cancellations and Refunds

Any order can be cancelled (or altered) only by sending a request to PARISHUTTLE AIRPORTVAN to the following address: Any alteration should be requested, wherever possible, at least three days before the day of the transfer.

For any cancellation made by the client, the following cancellation fees will apply:
• more than 2 days before the transfer, 5 % of the overall price
• the day before transfer, 50% of the overall price
• the day of transfer : no refund

What if after we reserve we decide to take another mode of transportation? Do you still charge my credit card ?

Your credit card would have been charged in advance at the time that you made your reservation.